60 years;
delivering superior remedial solutions

Founded in 1959, the RM Watson team initially worked as specialist contractors in the natural stone fixing industry. With the decline in the use of natural stone during the 1970’s and the growth of the precast concrete industry, the company evolved firstly into the fixing of precast concrete and then into the repair of our built environment.

In the current day, our project managers and site team have diversified their expertise to respond to the ever-growing range of structures and building materials that are present across Australia’s modern built environment.

Our team apply their breadth of knowledge and innate understanding of construction and remediation to not only carry out traditional repair methodologies, but also address the numerous complications that arise as architects and designers employ “new” materials to make their structure stand out.

We strive for innovation and development in the field of construction under the guise of the experience and superior structural knowledge we developed over the last 60 years.

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Founded in April 1959 by

Raymond Maurice Watson,

RM Watson initially worked as

a specialist contractor in the

natural stone fixing industry.

The company developed a

proud reputation as Australia’s

leading stone mason,

responsible for the stonework

of some of Australia’s most

historic landmarks including

The Mint, The War Memorial

and the Reserve Bank.

RM Watson’s expertise evolved

in line with the growth of the

precast concrete industry in

Australia, a material not widely

understood at the time. The

RMW team were responsible for

maintaining some of Australia’s

most iconic concrete structures

including the Waterboard,

Parliament House and

Blues Point Tower

RM Watson’s combined

expertise in stone and concrete

saw the company’s focus shift to

the remediation of old and new

structures, a key priority for the

business to this day.

Under the leadership of Tony

Watson, the company began to

introduce new remedial

techniques to the repair industry,

focusing on solutions that

delivered enduring structural


As a leader in the industry, RM

Watson strived to re-define how

successful remedial repairs were

measured, highlighting the

importance of delivering

projects both safely and


RM Watson’s focus shifted to

the refurbishment and

repositioning of assets, helping

clients realise the true value of

their property portfolio.

RM Watson continue to evolve

their refurbishment division,

while simultaneously

addressing the structural

problems stemming from a

20-year building boom

governed under


Meet our team

Our management team.

RM Watson is made up of over 40 employees across NSW. We pride ourselves on the ‘hands on’ approach our company directors maintain across the lifetime of all projects.

Tony Watson

With over 40 years experience in the field of remedial construction, Tony is one of the most experienced members of the industry. He is responsible for overall growth and strategic management of the business. Tony’s dedication to delivering superior remedial repairs has made the company what it is today.

Sam Coady

Sam has over 12 years experience in the construction industry across commercial and residential projects. He is responsible for ensuring RM Watson remains at the forefront of leading remedial technology, overseeing the successful delivery of projects and ensuring clients are 100% satisfied.

Frances Watson

Frances is responsible for RM Watson’s many years of financial stability and profitability. She has worked at RMW for over 20 years following extensive experience in management accounting at KPMG, ABC and Macquarie.

Nathan Gilroy

Nathan is responsible for overseeing all costing proposals and contract negotiation at RM Watson. With over 15 years industry experience, his forward thinking approach to project delivery enables him to develop simple, effective solutions for all types of projects.

Sam Watson

Sam ensures all RM Watson practices meet EHS&Q standards. His comprehensive knowledge of WHSE legislation and background in construction guide his practice to ensure all RMW sites adhere to the highest safety, quality & environmental standards.

Ben Coady

Ben is responsible for guiding project delivery from start to finish. He uses his on-site expertise and interpersonal management skills to oversee the successful delivery of projects, ensuring clients are informed across all stages of the works.