68 Rangers Road


Magnesite was commonly used as a floor topping or levelling product in residential blocks that were built up until the 1980’s. When exposed to water ingress over a long period of time, magnesite leeches chlorides into the steel reinforcement below causing it to corrode. As the steel corrodes it expands, displacing the surrounding concrete, this process is commonly known as concrete spalling or concrete cancer. If left untreated over a long period of time, concrete spalling can significantly compromise the structural integrity of a site and prove a costly exercise to remediate.

RM Watson has been delivering magnesite removal services and associated concrete floor repairs at 68 Rangers Road since 2014. The RMW site team work on a periodic basis to deliver necessary floor repairs each time a unit in the block becomes vacant.

This long term approach to repairs has been an effective way to address the structural issues of the site while also minimising the impact of works on residents and their enjoyment of their asset. Regular service and maintenance projects are an effective and financially viable way to maintain the enduring structural integrity of your site.

Strata Plan 2042

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Triaxial Consulting

68 Rangers Road, Cremorne

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